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About Us

Dembowski Hardwood Floors, LLC is owned by John and Janet Ubel of New Hope, PA.

The Dembowski family began doing flooring work in 1941 in Philadelphia. Three generations later, we bought the business from Robert H. Dembowski, Jr., out of Ivyland, PA. John D. Ubel Restoration, Inc., our general contracting business, used Bob Dembowski for all our flooring subcontracting needs. He and his crews achieved a high standard of excellence that has been unmatched by anyone else we used in the flooring industry. Matthew Rosi worked with Bob for 10 years and is a top-notch craftsman. John Ubel purchased the business on January 2, 2007.

We service all of Bucks and Montgomery Counties as well as Philadelphia, however our crews travel when needed. They often work all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New England, New York and Maryland. We work for approximately 60 contractors, large and small, throughout the area.

Our employees include Matthew Rosi, Morris Goldberg, Andrew Vesty, Wayne Smith, Timothy Gill and Derek Ubel. We do not sub our work out. If you hire us, you will meet some or all of these six men.

Matthew Rosi and John Ubel have earned their Green Building Certification through Green Advantage and are working diligently to try to implement the green building processes into their projects.

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